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Verbier to Le Chable Early Morning Laps – Sam Lee


A few weeks ago It dumped in Verbier, so Charlie Lyons, Anna Smoothy, Julia Hedman and I got up real early and skied a couple of laps from Verbier down to Le Chable in the valley floor before the lifts opened.
I started walking up from my accommodation at 6:55am to meet the others and we dropped into our first run at about 7:25.
We managed to get two full laps in before the ski field opened because the gondola from Le Chable to Verbier starts running at 7:30am or something. This video shows what a lap is like.
After our two laps we managed to claim front of the line waiting for the Bruson Gondola to open for one of the best powder days of the season.
To top it all off we even skied off the back side of Bruson down to Sembrancher at the end of the day.
Sembrancher is about 6km down the valley from Le Chable and you get back by jumping on a train which takes 10 mins.
This was probably longest ski day of my season, and it was great! It felt like 3 awesome missions all tied into one.

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