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During the past couple years Jens & Lucas have been heavily influenced by the conscious styles of A Tribe Called Quest. In late April/ early May when both were done filming for their Finess seggys, they took a couple days to put together this edit that had been waiting to happen for a bit.


With a Tribestyle soundtrack cut together by JNilla.

Yung nephew ColeGibson brought that style and was the finishing piece we needed to put it together!/ LSM&Jnilla. So without further ado TheBunch presents: TRIBEcalledBUNCH!

Edit by: JNilla
Filmer shoutouts: TheBunch, Nick Meilleur, Nick Broms

Major Shoutout:A Tribe Called Quest

Sponsor shoutouts:
Atomic Skiing
Dragon Alliance
Fulltilt Boots

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