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Temple Peak Station Teepee Skiing – Pete Oswald & Friends

“Something was missing from the way we skied in NZ. We have some of the best alpine terrain in the world but also some of the most remote. Any resorts in that part lie on the low foothills where snow is unreliable and crowds are dense.”

Hamish Smith took fellow kiwi Pete Oswald and Austrian’s Lukas Zoegernitz and Christian Unger into the hills surrounding Queenstown with their fully equipped mobile Teepee in search of a more authentic kiwi skiing experience.

“We chucked it in the helicopter,” says Pete Oswald, “and put it wherever the hell we like! We flatten a bit of ground, it has a fire in it with a flue out the top, and its -10 or colder outside and we’re dancing around in our undies inside on the carpet in like 30 degrees! The magic number is 4 people. We reckon you could go in for 1 week with one load in the heli, and take all the food, booze and everything you like. With that you can take 1 sack of firewood per night.”

The boys scored perfect dry snow and a peak all to themselves. The resulting edit with an ode to the most kiwi of institutions is an entertaining watch, and earned the boys a win at the Winter Session of the Through The Lens short film competition in Queenstown this August.

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