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Atomic Elysian

    Lengths. 150, 159, 168cm Dimensions. 126-95-115mm (159) Take the blurb on the Atomic Theory, then add a sweet as female graphic and you’re off on that challenging excursion. Even better price too. Price –  $1049 ski only OR $1249 with FFG 10 Bindings More Info: www.atomic.com WHERE TO BUY Lifestyle changes that could help improve your sexual […]

Atomic Century 102

    Lengths. 154, 164, 172cm Dimensions. 130-102-121mm (172) The all new Atomic Century 102 is an easy-going powder ski that’s seriously versatile – the Step Down Sidewall 2.0, pronounced camber underfoot, and a 102mm waist mean it will handle the groomers no problem. Price –  $1199 ski only OR $1449 with […]

Rossignol 2015 Temptation 84

    Lengths – 146, 154, 162, 170, 178cm Dimensions – 133-84-120mm Lightweight, easy-to-handle and on both packed and powder snow, Temptation skis are your gateway to discovering every corner of the ski area. Price –  $1249 with Xelium Bindings More Info – www.rossignol.com Where to Buy Lifestyle changes that could help improve your sexual function include exercising […]

Rossignol 2015 Unique 8

    Lengths – 142, 149, 156, 163cm Dimensions – 125-75-106mm Light, user-friendly, stable and high performing, the skis in our Unique range offer simple and intelligent solutions to meet the needs of female piste skiers. Price –  $1249 with Saphir 120 Bindings More Info – www.rossignol.com Where to Buy Do youve any? Kindly permit me recognise in […]

Salomon Lumen Q-96

    Lengths – 154, 162, 170cm Dimensions – 128-95-114mm The Lumen is designed for women who ski aggressively, but want added maneuverability when they venture off-piste. Utility Rocker enables the Lumen to float in mixed snow and powder, while providing smooth, stable carving on-piste. Price –  $1099 ski only More Info – www.salomon.co.nz Where to […]

Line Soulmate 98

      Lengths – 158, 165, 172cm Dimensions – 132-98-123mm IT’S YOUR TURN TO GET FIRST TRACKS. Ripping women don’t deserve watered down skis. Featuring the same technology as our guys skis for power and performance like no other women’s ski on the market. Price –  $999 ski only More Info – www.lineskis.com Where to […]

Icelantic Oracle

  Lengths – 155, 165, 175cm Dimensions – 138-100-120mm The Icelantic Oracle is designed for women, delivering maximum performance and style with minimal effort.  With Icelantic’s signature “Fly-Weight” core at its centre, this ski is lighter for smaller frames.  It’s slightly tapered design allows the skier to maintain a forward, aggressive stance […]

K2 Remedy 92

    Lengths – 156, 163, 170cm Dimensions – 124-92-118mm Another brand new ski that shreds the entire mountain. A playful tip/tail shape with camber underfoot to deal to the hard pack. Price –  $1399 ski only More Info – www.k2skis.co.nz Where to Buy Medical conditions are a frequent cause of erectile dysfunction Cialis medicinen […]

K2 Potion 80 XTi

    Lengths – 146, 153, 160, 167cm Dimensions – 127-80-109mm The perfect all-mountain ski design. Performance, stability, ease and forgiveness fine-tuned for you by the K2 women’s alliance. Price –  $1399 with MXC 12 bindings More Info – www.k2skis.co.nz Where to Buy You started a new prescription medication Generic cialis

Dynastar Active Xpress

    Lengths – 148, 153, 163cm Dimensions – 126-74-104mm Designed to give great on trail performance from and extremely light construction. Dynastar is the leader in light weight performance technology specifically crafted for women skiers. Price –  $999 with binding More Info: www.bobo.co.nz/brands/dynastar/ Where to buy: www.bobo.co.nz/brands/dynastar/#Stockists I am sure this paragraph has touched all the […]

Dynastar Neva 78 Xpress

    Lengths – 149, 156, 163, 170cm Dimensions – 125-78-105mm Confident control in all snow conditions, top performance whatever the terrain. Incredibly light with moderate tip and tail rocker. Ski more with less fatigue. Price –  $1099 with binding More Info: www.bobo.co.nz/brands/dynastar/ Where to buy: www.bobo.co.nz/brands/dynastar/#Stockists I have been browsing online greater than three hours lately, […]

Dynastar Cham 87 Fluid Womens

    Lengths – 152, 159, 166, 172cm Dimensions – 127-87-103mm Bringing women a level of freeride performance allows them to excel even in the most extreme conditions. Enjoy a wide range of mountain terrain with these adaptable light weight weapons. Price –  $1499 with binding More Info: www.bobo.co.nz/brands/dynastar/ Where to buy: www.bobo.co.nz/brands/dynastar/#Stockists Viagra comes in tablets […]

Elan Inspire

    Lengths – 152, 158, 166cm Dimensions – 127-78-107mm Easy turning and playful for those ladies wanting to build their confidence.  The Inspire will not disappoint. Price –  $1249 with binding More Info: www.elanskis.com helpful than ever before.

Elan Insomnia

    Lengths – 152, 158, 166cm Dimensions – 125-74-104mm  The Insomnia is the ladies version of the 82XTi. A little narrower and suits those athletic women who know how to drive a ski. Price –  $1399 with binding More Info: www.elanskis.com Get more stories like this delivered to your inbox Viagra för män Get […]

DPS Yvette

    Lengths – 168, 178cm Dimensions – 141-112-128mm Powder in the morning, crud in the afternoon, and carving groomed arcs back down for après. Women’s skis are traditionally watered-down versions of their standard counterparts. Not ours, DPS builds skis for women who rip. Price – Pure $1499 / Hybrid $899 ski only More Info: www.dpsskis.com I […]