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Sculpted in Time – The Wise Man

‘The Wise Man’ is the emotive story of Eddie Hunter’s personal connection with Banff National Park and Mt. Norquay, a mountain he has called home his entire life. Born in 1926, the same year Mt. Norquay was established, Eddie has been skiing Banff’s first ski resort for over 80 years. Eddie escorts the viewer through Norquay’s past and present, sharing the impact the mountains have had in his life and which he proudly passes onto his children.
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Sculpted in Time, a new series of four shorts by Sherpas Cinema.

Shot on location during 30 rigorous days of filming across Banff National Park’s three ski areas including a deep dive into its backcountry terrain, this series presents spectacular perspectives on Mt. Norquay (‘The Wise Man’), Lake Louise Ski Resort (‘The Character’), Sunshine Village (The Artist’), and Banff National Park backcountry (‘The Innovator’).

• September 29, 2014: The Wise Man
• October 6, 2014: The Character
• October 13, 2014: The Artist
• October 20, 2014: The Innovator

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