NZ Skier Magazine – Issue 96 onsale now – Check the Teaser

The May 2014 issue of New Zealand Skier magazine hits the shops on Monday May 12th. There’s 144 pages packed full of the best ski imagery and stories from the last year plus all the new 2014 gear. Get out and grab yourself a copy.

Features include:
THE RISHIRI PROJECT. Skiing a Japanese volcano
ANTARCTICA. Ski touring adventures on the ice
SOUTH AMERICA. Adventures in the Andes
YMIR LODGE. Getting back to skiing’s roots
KYRGYZSTAN. Skiing Asia’s walnut forests
FIRST DESCENT. Success and tragedy on Mt Cook
THE HAUTE ROUTE. Europe’s touring highway
BELOW THE LINE. The great BC road trip
SAM SMOOTHY. Freeride world tour vice champ
2014 GEAR GUIDE. All this season’s coolest gear

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