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New Zealand Junior Freeride Tour


Calling all junior freeride legends – The first ever New Zealand Junior Freeride Tour is here!

Presented by Groovstar, the NZFJT is proud to announce a tour of 3 events around the country for all shredders 18 and under.

Open to skiers and snowboarders, male and female, and sanctioned by the prestigious Freeride World Tour (FWT), the 3-stop series has been set up to provide our junior athletes with the opportunity to compete in professionally run FWT sanctioned freeride competitions. The focus is on fun, participation and safety along with promoting the incredible sport that is freeriding.

Further details surrounding registration for each event will follow soon, but for now check out more details on their website at www.nzjft.co.nz and follow their Facebook page for up-to-date info surrounding event registration

The Events:
Stop 1 – Mt Olympus – 1st August (weather day – 2nd August)
Stop 2 – The Remarkables – 15th August (weather day – 16th August)
Stop 3 – Mt Ruapehu – 26th September (weather days 27th – 30th September) 

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