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Below The Line: Part 2 – A Tour Away

Part 2 – A Tour Away features the All Us In Winterland crew venturing out into the backcountry to find some untouched terrain in YMIR lodge and Rogers Pass. Taking a different approach to touring and finding some sweet zones which are super accessible.


Shot on location at:
YMIR Backcountry Lodge and Rogers Pass

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Instagram – @allusinwinterland
Facebook – allusinwinterland.com
Mark Bridgwater – markbridgwater.co.nz/

Tom Brownlee
Fraser McDougall
Cam McDermid
Tyler Beange
Nick (Sauce) Aubrey
Blake Lepper
Patrick Greene
Drew Wittstock

Filming & Photography:
Nick Haselhoff
Mark Bridgwater
Cam McDermid
Fraser McDougall

Cam McDermid

Supported by:
Mons Royale – monsroyale.com/
CanaDream – canadream.com/
Smith Optics – smithoptics.com/
K2 Skis – k2skis.com/

Also a big thanks to:
Neil from NZ Skier
Mark and David from Downdays
Ally and Leith from Gnomes Alpine Sports
Cam from Atomic
Deb from BCA equpment
Trevor & Jason from YMIR Backcountry Lodge
Andy from Kicking Horse Mountain Resort
Ashley from Revelstoke Resort
Chris from Whistler Resort
Graham and Janet McDermid
Shirley and Richard Palmer
Dirk and Kim Haselhoff


IMG_7810 ACT_4596 ACT_4633 ACT_4804 ACT_5149 ACT_5433 IMG_8102 ACT_6961 ACT_6236  IMG_7689 ACT_7047

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