Gypsy Feeling – HOODOO – Full Movie

Gpsy is thrilled to present HOODOO, its most recent creation and 5th opus after T.A.Z et MOONSHINE, nominated at if3 in the categories of best film, best edit and rooky of the year for Laurent de Martin

Winter is the season of entrancement.
With socio-political-environmental deregulation running full-swing, gpsy feelin is offering decontamination by dvd.


Cadenced by the rhythms of «NowFutur», our high performance cameras have captured the athletic movements and youthful grace of Laurent de Martin, and Jules Bonnaire, following on from his olympic experience has also come to add his special touch. Add to this the poetic pliability of Pierre Antoine Chedal (proud new dad to little Jacques), the sexy moves of flo bastien, our very own Icarus, Leo Taillefer, always ready to defy gravity and, last but not least, Julien Lange, inspired by Queen Elisabeth, coached by his faithful corgi.

Produced by Yann BARTHELEMY and Jérémy FEBURIER

Filmed in: the Espace Killy, San Martino di Castrozza, Porte du Soleil, Akureyri Iceland
With: Laurent de Martin, Jules Bonnaire, Pierre Antoine Chedal, Flo Bastien, Léo Taillefer, Julien Lange.
Sponsored by: Movement, O’neill, Volkl, Planks, Val d’Isere, Line skis

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