You & The Fools – Ep. 1

You&TheFools  is a new EpicTV series featuring Neil Williman, Pete Oswald, Jochen Mesle, Sven Rauber and Flo Preuss. In epsidode I the boys start 2015 with a heavy load of fresh snow. At first it ́s time to collect some faceshots in the woods. Some days later the skies open up and the crew has a great time in the mountains of Silvretta Montafon.

Jochen and Sven kill various natural hits, while Neil and Pete hike and ski a massive couloir.

Pete Oswald sums up the shooting days: “Filming with the El Flamingo guys on Episode 1 of You&The Fools was just bloody good tomfoolery, we pulled fun out of every minute, but I think we skied good too!”

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