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Down the rabbit hole with All Us In Winterland

Photos: Mark Bridgwater and All Us In Winterland

One of the hardest working crews in the NZ ski scene are set to stamp their trademark style on the online content market this season.

With photos like this from early season Treble Cone popping up in your feed alongside the now infamous Soul-Pole edit from opening day, AUIW have hit the ground running this season.

The mastermind behind All Us In Winterland is the softly spoken workhorse Cam McDermid. Cam plays the roles of creative director, filmer, photographer, editor, and athlete for the tight knit crew. Currently based in Auckland where he juggles studying his Masters of Architecture with his own freelance video and photography work, Cam made the trip down to the Southern Lakes just in time for the epic early season snow falls and immediately went to work with his fellow collaborators.

Born in the crucible of awesomeness that is Mt Olympus, AUIW “essentially started as a video diary to document what we were up to at the time.”

Tom Brownlee4

Fresh out of school the group of friends acquired a camera, taught themselves how to use it, then went about making online edits. “Filming wise it’s all been a process of trial and error, we see what works, what looks good and what doesn’t, and then go out and try it.”
The result is a talented and versatile crew of skiers who all take turns behind the camera and know each other’s skiing and video style so intimately that communication on the hill borders on the telepathic.


“I’ll start the day filming with just me and Tom and by the end of the day we have 15 people, they just come and join the ratpack and it’s all good times”.


The name originated from an Alice in Wonderland-style intro to a SnowPark edit the boys wanted to film back in 2010. Stylistically based on “entering another realm by skiing through a rabbit hole,” the intro was never made, but the name stayed, and today has grown to represent the collective of people who come in and out of the group and contribute in a variety of different ways. As Tom Brownlee says, “the brilliance of AUIW is that it’s the entire NZ ski scene – we can bring in everyone to come and ski in the edits. It’s a platform for people to come and express themselves with us while we have all the fun!”

Cam and Tom lie at the core of the group along with filmer Nick Haselhoff, with an ever growing cast of supporting characters joining along on trips and filming projects.


Cam and Tom’s entry to last year’s World Heli Challenge video contest narrowly missed out on securing them a spot in the Heli, but is well worth another watch.

The group’s biggest project to date has been Below The Line, a 3-part documentary style series from their 2 month roadtrip around western Canada in two 32ft campervans.


The 3 Edits expanded the audience for AIUW well beyond the local NZ scene, with their videos being featured across all major international ski media outlets.


Today All Us In Winterland markets themselves as a perfectly rounded production company who are able to create campaigns by being the campaign. They are the whole package; the skiers, the filmers, and the editors. Everything is in-house, and that is an attractive offering in the age of constant content demand.

This season will see them move away from the longer format documentary-style edits to focus on high frequency releases in the form of shorter 15 and 30 second facebook and instagram edits. Their aim is to build awareness and grow audiences in NZ and Europe, alongside nurturing deeper brand relations and connections in preparation for their upcoming northern hemisphere trip. Throughout the season they will be producing intro edits for the skiers who will be joining them on their next big project, a Below The Line style roadtrip through Europe early next year, along with a variety of creative work for their own personal sponsors.

Though their ethic could appear on the surface to focus around constantly searching for content, the reality is that they are constantly on the search for fun, and will always have a camera in tow, no matter what time of day it is or state they are in.


For Tom the essence of AUIW is about “creating a following, creating this brand, creating something to look back on when we’re 40 and say ‘yeah we did that’, we didn’t really compete, we didn’t feature in big budget ski movies, but we did something rad! … For us its never been about making money, its about getting the budget to go and do the fun stuff we would want to be doing anyway, and creating awesome stories along the way”




Follow @allusinwinterland on Instagram | Facebook | and check out their Vimeo Channel for more videos. Also head over to  www.markbridgwater.co.nz to see more from Mark Bridgwater Photography.

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