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The Bunch – Finess trailer

You want to see helishots with slow motion almost more crisp than real life? You want to see park jumps with edges so straight you can’t tell if their even built by snow? You want to see lifestyle shots from expensive hotel rooms and places you really can’t relate to?

Then you’ve found the wroong Vimeo channel
We are proud to present our first ever trailer for our second ever full length movie, Finess.
We’re always trying to keep it real, with HD on a level you can relate to, cuz we know..
Real recognize real!

Movie premiering around the world on film festivals we probably wont win because of a lack of HD and steadycams but the skiing..
Realer than ever!


Online release of the full movie will happen. When?
Follow us on our social media channels to find out!


Jens Nilsson
Maximilliam Smith
Linus Tornberg
Magnus Granér
Erik Pousette
Sakarias Majander
Douglas Källsbo
Leo Björklund
Nils Gunnarsson
Pär Hägglund
Kieran McVeigh
Tobias Sedlacek

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