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Spending 3 days camping in the mountains is a daunting concept. The thought of cold nights and early mornings, hiding from the grim darkness in your -20°C sleeping bag lingers in every mountaineer’s consciousness. 

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MarkClintonPhoto-23510 copyWe began the trip by ascending through the inversion layer gloom over Wanaka and into the blinding sunshine, and all fears of freezing our hands and toes left us. Experiencing the next 3 days with still, bluebird skies and nights only reaching a balmy -5°C was an absolute dream. I spent the duration of the nights overheating, shedding the majority of my clothes whilst lying next to Australian lifestyle photographer, Mark Clinton, who was wearing 3 layers of Mons, 2 pairs of socks and a restless attitude. The Southern Alps are a long way from the beaches of Australia that Mark is accustomed to!
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During the days we woke at 6am, spent the first hour and half of darkness touring to the ridgeline from our campsite, and setting up for that sunrise golden hour of light. Chasing every ounce of light, we would rock, paper, scissors to decide who got to drop first as we only had enough orange glow for 2 of the 4 riders to get shots. Pushing onwards to bigger lines during the afternoon, and getting one or two more runs with lunch in between, we had it good. Nothing seemed to go wrong and it quickly became the ‘perfect trip’! Good times with good people and I hope the film shows that. 

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 It was one to remember!

– Cam McDermid, Filmer and Rider. 

-All images – Mark Clinton



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